Intimate PNW Redwood Forest Elopement

  1. Dick says:

    Beautiful, Lynds and Kyle.Uncle Dick.

  2. Ken says:

    That was a beautiful day and we can all see the love in your eyes through the magic of those photos.
    Congratulations to the Millers and thank you to the Macleans.

  3. Debbie says:

    Kels and Morgan captured all the intimate, special moments of that beautiful day. Thank you so much for all you did to make it amazing!

  4. Melanie Biad-Watts says:

    Wow! Reading this blog while looking at each amazingly captured photo to freeze and save the special moment made me feel like I was there, witnessing these two beautiful people exchange their vows for a lifetime commitment to each other. It is so touching I couldn’t stop the tears. I’ve met Kyle through an augmented -,reality mobile game we all enjoyed playing (Yes, you guessed it–Pokémon Go!). I instantly warmed up to him because I know deep down he has a beautiful soul just by talking to him about life’s up & downs on top of coaching me about the game. I never felt & thought of him as a stranger, instead I considered him a friend. When I met Linds, I instantly warmed up to her, too. Although a bit shy, her radiant smile gives out this vibe telling you she is a good woman and fists perfectly for him.

    Kyle took the time to visit me at RCH the day after my brain surgery early of last year when I messaged him that I needed some research tasks for the game. He took my phone and spun the stops nearby for me. Yep, a gentleman and great friend when I needed help

    When I saw the photo of Kyle on his knee, holding Lindsay’s hand, I felt elated for both of them! They deserved to spend the rest of their lives together, bound by love.

    Kyle- THANK YOU for the friendship! Although it started and mainly based on Discord/online chat,, the sincerity seeped through the words/texts you wrote. I am happy to have met your sweet & beautiful ex-girlfriend in the process, too. I hope & pray to still be around when you guys decide to have an offspring after having a kitten (remember that chat?). Thank you for making me smile this morning when I saw your text with the link to this awesome blog. What a lovely way to start my day –enjoying these breath-taking photos, cry as I read on each detail written along with them. The truth is, I started writing this comment & I am glad I decided to delay the posting because crying while typing using a phone was a horrible idea! I know, I made you both promise to show the photos to me. Even if I have already seen a couple of them months ago. they still brought a smile on my face. I am a hopeless romantic who wishes I’d be able to witness my son in an occasion like this, God permits.

    I sincerely appreciate you both. These pictures are your wonderful mementos to keep. To remind you always, or share to your kids & grandkids how your journey to forever as one has begun in such a beautiful fairy-tale like wedding, Linds being the fairy-looking bride & you, her handsome knight in shining armor. I love you both! See you around one day soon as we continue catching them shiny Pokémon!

    PS: Summer is coming up! Ready for another round of my mango float?

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